Rukka Testergebnisse

Test of Rukka Down X

Dream Machines magazine (issue 2/2018)

Suitable for the cold season Rukka presented the Down X, a warm down suit. We tried them in freezing cold.

Just to be clear from the beginning: The suit Down X is not outerwear, but underwear. The filling of the jacket and trousers is quite noble, because it consists of 90 percent sinfully expensive down and only ten percent of cheaper feathers. Combined with plenty of well insulating air between the fine down, this provides very good thermal insulation. Jacket and trousers can be worn under motorcycle clothing that does not provide enough thermal insulation in cold months. Practical: Trousers and jacket can be stowed away in small, enclosed bags each of which weighs only 300 grams and – thanks to the small dimensions of 23 by 12 centimetres – can be transported in a space-saving manner. If it gets too warm, the sleeves can be detached to leave the arms uncovered. At the height of the upper arms there is a long zipper at the sleeves, through which you can roll a sleeve. This will then be stored in an inner pocket. In this set-up the down jacket can also be worn as a vest.

Practical: The trousers can be adjusted in width via a quick release cord on the waistband. As is to be expected from the perfectionist Finns, the developers have thought of many  details. At the end of the leg where you might have to fit underpants and overpants into boots Rukka relies on elastic fleece that feels comfortable on the skin. In practice, the Down suit proved to be highly efficient. At first, you think that you can never put outerwear on top of this down underwear. But then, the fluffy material proves to be extremely flexible. However, you should not choose your tightest clothes as outerwear, because otherwise you have to squeeze out the good insulating air between the down which will have a negative effect on the thermal insulation. Note: The more air between the down, the better the underwear warms up. In any case, we would have liked to drive even longer in the test drives but our faces under the unheated helmets became icy at some point. Upper and lower body, on the other hand, were pleasantly tempered.

Jacket and trousers are available in black and in sizes 46 to 60. At the Rukka dealer you can buy the jacket for 149 Euros, the trousers for 119 Euros. Our conclusion: Recommended for people who occasionally have to or want to ride a motorcycle in cold weather.

Photo captions:
1) The look is deceptive: The suit is feather-light in the truest sense of the word.
2) If necessary, the sleeves can be rolled up. Practical: quick release cord on the trousers. The transport bags are included in the price of the suit.