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Rukka “AquaAir”: the new functional overall made of Gore-Tex three-layer laminate

Waterproof and breathable, the “AquaAir” overall is the perfect supplement to the “AiRider” two-piece suit made of extremely breezy Cordura AFT.

Breathable rain gear with Rukka quality? Yes, now you can get it: the AquaAir overall is the first one-piece functional suit made by Rukka, and it has almost everything that distinguishes a typical Rukka suit made of three-layer laminate. Thanks to its Gore-Tex membrane, the AquaAir lives up to its name by providing permanent wind and water protection while remaining highly breathable. It has two long zippers on the outsides of the legs as well as an extremely long diagonal front zipper, which means putting the single piece suit on and removing it is child’s play. Pre-shaped sleeves and legs ensure a perfect fit when sitting on the motorcycle. A high collar made of elastic Gore-Text prevents water leaking in on the neck, and an adjustable belt makes for an optimised fit. In the overall’s seat area, a Keprotec Antiglide trim ensures a secure hold on the motorcycle seat. A large zippered pocket on the right thigh completes the comprehensive package.

The designers of the AquaAir made a conscious decision to provide neither protectors nor a removable thermal lining since the overall is meant to be worn above non-waterproof motorcycle clothing in bad weather. As a result, the AquaAir has a small packaging size when not in use and it is very easy to take it along on the motorcycle. The AquaAir is the perfect supplement of the well-known Rukka AiRider suit. The AiRider jacket and trousers with their extremely high air permeability and full safety equipment are the ideal motorcycle combination for hot environments, while the AquaAir overall makes a perfect supplement for cold and rainy days.

The AquaAir overall will be available at friendly Rukka dealers in black or blue and in the sizes 46 through 60.