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The NEW groundbreaking Rukka D3O Air back protector now available as “All Back”

Rukka D3O Air protectors combine maximum comfort and unmatched impact absorption in a perfection never known before. Now the Finns are offering the “All Back” protector with extraordinary large surface and remarkable low weight signaling the second generation of the Rukka D3O Air protectors.

The Rukka D3O Air protectors have been developed in co-operation with the British impact absorption specialists of D3O. The protectors are made of an “intelligent” polymer with a flexible cross-linked molecular structure that abruptly strengthens in an impact, with the amount of strengthening commensurate with impact force. Within milliseconds, the impact force is distributed over the complete area of the soft, comfortable protectors and impact protection is multiplied. Immediately after the impact, the molecular cross links dissolve again so the material instantly regains its flexibility.

Besides the well known and well proven Full Back protector, Rukka is now also offering the All Back protector that profits from the next development level of the material featuring these outstanding properties. On its one side, the lightweight All Back protector is coated with a protective skin preventing mechanical damage. Thanks to its large surface, the protector covers the whole back including the lower parts. The All Back is available in sizes S, M and L as well as in different strength, the thinner one meeting Level 1 of the CE test standards (EN 1621-2 2014 AB1), the thicker one meeting Level 2 (EN 1621-2 2014 AB2).